Fly Fishing…..

Fly Fishing…..

Submitted to YourHobby by Neil Keep, England…..

Put simply, fly fishing is a particular method of fishing where flies made from fur and feather are used to catch fish. The biggest difference between this and other forms of fishing is that no weight is used at the end of the line to cast out your fly, it is the fly line itself which becomes the weight used to enable the cast. Look at any fly line and you will see it is very thick compared to standard nylon line used in other forms of fishing, it is the thickness and weight of this line which is used to flex the rod and catapult out the very light fly across the water.

You can continue to read the rest of Neil’s great guide to Fly Fishing here…..

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Are you looking for a new Hobby?….


Happy New Year

Hey guys, welcome to 2014. Well now that Christmas is well and truly over, this is the time of year that people say that they need to lose weight, stop drinking and smoking and of course get exercising. Well if you do NOT really want to give up anything then why not think about taking up something, like a new hobby.

Our website is ALL about hobbies. There are so many to choose from, indoor and outdoor and most of the hobbies shown on our site are introduced personally by people who are passionate about their hobbies too. They will give you the basics of what you will need and what you can do, were to go and what you can achieve too. Take a look to see if there is anything that catches your eye.

The site is purely for hobby enthusiasts and has been steadily growing over the last two years. We are constantly looking for people who have a passion for hobbies to share theirs with us. If you have a hobby and would like to share it with us then please drop us a comment here, and we will get YourHobby onto the site.

Thanks for all the positive feedback and we look forward to you visiting our site…..

Cheers all…..YourHobby…..

2014…..Lets just do it…..

Here at YourHobby we would like to be involved at some stage in 2014 in raising money for Cancer charities. We have been affected personally by this disease three times this year, and have lost two close family members.

We intend to honour the memories of these amazing people and hope to take up a challenge of some kind to raise money for charities. We would like your ideas and if you have any experience or advice you can pass on to us here then please do.

We appreciate that many of our contributors are from overseas, but hey, we would really like to hear your stories or if you too have any advice that you can give to us and also to our readers.

This will be a regularly updated post now on the YourHobby blog and website, and whether it be a sponsored bike ride, hike, run or whatever else you can suggest then we will keep you all posted. This is one time in particular that we really would like to have many comments and feedback so that we can raise money to help fight this awful disease.

Ho Ho Ho, so what are you doing for Christmas…..???


Hi everyone,

Well that is another year nearly over, wow where does the time actually go. Here at YourHobby, well it is going to be a traditional Christmas in the UK, with family and friends. We could not think of anything better really, plenty of food, drink, really good company and fun. So what are all of you doing this Christmas, please let us know, it would be really interesting to find out how all of our friends and followers are spending their Christmas. Are you making a long journey home to see family and friends?????

Thanks for all the help, support and enthusiasm you have all shown for our mission over the last year.

Stay in touch everyone and cheers to you ALL…….

Graham, YourHobby…..

Holiday Ornament DIY Roundup


Worth having a look and a go at these guys…..

Originally posted on M&J Blog:

Feeling crafty, but don’t want to commit to a long and time-consuming project? How about creating some cute ornaments for your holiday tree? Take a look at these DIYs, and let us know which YOU’LL be making over the weekend!
Cinnamon Ornaments from Babble

These cinnamon-scented ornaments from Babble are fun to make, and make your house smell inviting and seasonal!

Glitter Galaxy Ornaments from Swell Designer

These incredible glitter ornaments are a fantastic way to add some magic and mystery to your Christmas tree. Plus, since the glitter is on the inside of the ornament, your floor will remain glitter free. Unless you want your floor to be covered in glitter. Totally up to you.

Hot Air Balloon Ornament from My Modern Met

These hot air balloon ornaments look like they’ve been plucked out of a storybook. They add the perfect amount of whimsy to any tree!

Button Ornament from Live Love DIY

This button embellished ornament is incredible. We love the use of different styles and sizes to give it a more…

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Hobby Idea’s for Christmas gifts…..


Hi all, well if you haven’t already done your Christmas shopping then the big day is only 2 weeks away now.

We would really like to know if you have asked for gifts that relate to YourHobby, if so what have you asked for. Or have you been asked to get someone that something special that they really want for their hobby. If you are looking for some hobby ideas the our website is just what you are looking for. We have lots of hobbies and many of them are introduced to you by people who partake in the hobbies

Also if you know of any really good hobby sites were you can get some great Christmas deals then please post your finds here too, so we can all share.

More hobby ideas to follow so check back soon…..

Cheers Graham, YourHobby…..